Comfy, Modern Lodging

Cougar Lodge is a spacious, comfortable log building with 4 large dormitory style rooms for students. We also offer 10 fully equipped cottages with washroom and shower facilities. Schools are assigned sleeping quarters based on the needs and size of their student population. Students are assigned to separate sleeping quarters by gender.

Whether your students are staying in Cougar Lodge or the Cottages, all rooms are furnished with bunk beds which can accommodate up to 20 students, cabinets to store their gear, washrooms and shower facilities. Camp Muskoka’s student sleeping areas are designed to promote healthy social interaction while ensuring that everyone has a friend, offering an incredible community living experience.

The visiting school’s teachers bedrooms are immediately adjacent to the students’ rooms, offering both students and visiting staff privacy, while enabling the teachers to be  immediately available to any student’s needs. A Camp Muskoka staff member is always on-site and on-call throughout the night should the visiting school need any assistance. All assembly buildings are wheelchair accessible, including sleeping quarters, and are complete with accessible showers and washrooms.