Family FUN Activities

Get Outside

Have you heard about ice trails? This is the coolest way to get up and get out during days off from school. Check out the trails listed here for more information. If ice trails aren’t what you’re looking for, try a wintry scavenger hunt. See who can find the prettiest pine cone or spot the first squirrel while taking a walk through nature.

Paint the Snow

Water, food colouring and a plastic squeeze bottle is all you need to create art in your own backyard. You can even use spray bottles to have different types of colouring. Let your kids paint the world with their imagination.

Stock up on books

Go to the library and have everyone choose at least one book to read. For younger kids, try to find something the family can read together. One of my favorites this time of year is The Polar Express. It’s just long enough to have time to really settle in for a story.

Check on the Reindeer

Did you know that Santa set up a live feed so that you can check to make sure the reindeer are ready for the big day? Check it out here and see if you can spot Rudolph.

Have a Pizza Party

Have a family night in your living room where you pile up the blankets and pillows so everyone can snuggle up together. Dim the lights and read stories together by the light of your tree. For younger kids, line up stuffed animals and have them read to their audience.


This one seems pretty simple, but when is the last time you did this as a family? You can get the big posters where everyone contributes, or you can all choose a page out of a holiday colouring book and do your own thing. Hang them up so that everyone can enjoy the family artwork.