Message from Our Founder

Thank you for considering Camp Muskoka as your summer camp destination.

Over the years, our team has spoken with thousands of campers, their families, and our staff, asking “What is it about Camp Muskoka that keeps you coming back?” Time and time again we have been told “I had SO much FUN!”, “I made so many friends”, “Camp Muskoka is a place where I am free to be myself”, “My summer home”, “A place where I belong”. It is truly humbling to know that Camp Muskoka has meant so much, to so many.

Ultimately, we are in the business of making “happy campers” and helping children believe in themselves. Camp Muskoka is philosophically grounded in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Simply put, we firmly believe that everyone has physiological needs that must be met in order to have any hope of meeting their more refined needs. For example, a camper won’t be able to enjoy the mental and physical activities at camp without proper nutrition or a comfortable good night’s sleep. Likewise, a camper won’t be able to build confidence and friendships if they don’t feel safe. Whether it be providing our campers with healthy well balanced meals throughout the day, having air conditioned lodging to ensure a good night’s rest or nurturing a healthy and safe environment so campers are recognized for their personal achievements; everything we do is about helping our camper’s reach their own potential.

The consistent achievement of such a positive community cannot be had without the participation of all of its members, including the campers. Therefore we have created a simple yet comprehensive set of expectations for all to follow:

FUN: The number one rule at Camp Muskoka. We want all campers to have fun at all times!
RESPECT: No one is having fun when they feel disrespected. We expect all members of the Camp Muskoka community to be respectful to themselves, each other, the facility and the environment. To put it quite simply, “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.”
HONESTY: We teach our campers the value of honesty by acknowledging that not only is it okay, but it is completely normal to make mistakes. It is what we do about our mistake that is important. By being honest with ourselves and those around us, we not only learn from our mistakes but also allow others to learn as well.
ACCOUNTABILITY: Being responsible for our own words and actions ensures that we have a positive effect on the Camp Muskoka community while building a safe, enjoyable living environment for everyone.
INTEGRITY: By being, respectful, honest and accountable we all contribute to fostering a community with integrity where everyone is free to have fun, be safe, and feel accepted for who they are.

We hope you will make Camp Muskoka your choice for an exciting summer camp adventure. Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact our office and one of our friendly staff will be happy to speak with you. We look forward to seeing you this summer at Camp Muskoka!

Where friendships begin... and FUN never ends!


Justinian Scott "Mufasa" Creed,  Founder & CEO