Camper's Corner

Welcome Campers!

During your stay at Camp, you’ll be able to choose from over ten to fifteen different activities every period.  Things you never dreamed of doing. And the best thing… YOU get to choose what you want to do! The food is sooooooo good and every meal is a buffet so you get a lot of choices! And the counsellors are so neat! They are FUN and really care about you… everyone does at Camp Muskoka!


At Camp Muskoka  it’s easy to make friends because you live and play with kids all day! Everyone is friendly and fun you can’t help but make new friends. When we ask our campers why they love camp so much, the first thing they say is the friends they’ve made.

Our counsellors are awesome! They’re FUN, friendly, caring and kind. Lots of them were a camper once upon a time, so they know just what it’s like to be a camper. They know how to make it the most FUN summer ever!

Zee is his name, a great friendly guy!  Feel free to meet, talk, hang out with Zee and let him know how camp is going!  He'll help you out with anything! Lost your toothbrush? Need help during meals or making new friends?  He's there to make sure your stay at Camp Muskoka is FUNtastic!

Your family and friends will be able to send you emails, postcards, and letters. Be sure to give them the Camper Mail details so they will know where to send them.

At Camp Muskoka, campers get a lot more freedom than at home. You get to choose the activities you do during the day and who you do them with. Be sure you read the Camper Code of Conduct page so you understand what behaviour is not acceptable during your stay at camp and what will result in you being sent back home.