Program Guide

Below is a list of programs and activities currently being offered at Camp Muskoka. For more details on how these programs directly link to a specific grade level’s curriculum expectations, please contact our office and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist.  All our programs follow OPHEA Guidlines and OCA Standards.

Please note that all programs listed below are included in standard Outdoor Education fees with the exception of Camp Muskoka’s Canopy Aerial Park.


Can you hit the bulls-eye? Students will learn the basics of archery from how to correctly string a bow to release an arrow.


Steer your own path and use the power of multiple strokes to explore Cougar Lake. Students will be introduced to basic boat and water safety practices and equipment and will learn the basic strokes and techniques necessary to control their water craft.


“There was a great big moose, who like to drink a lot of juice…” Sing songs, dance and listen to stories all by the glow of a campfire!


This is your chance to float down the chocolate river, from marshmallow to marshmallow, while lava sharks stand between you and the shore! Hot chocolate river, shrinking island, blind conductor, toxic waste along with many other co-operative games give students the opportunity to strategize, achieve a common goal while laughing and encouraging others.


Welcome to my village, what did you bring to trade? Experience the excitement and challenges of one of the most important periods in Canadian history. Students will travel the woods with their own set of trade goods in search of villages and aboriginal chiefs to trade for fur. Students learn first-hand the difficulties and thrill of life as a Coureur du Bois.


What animal left these tracks? Why are those marks on that tree? What are these giant rocks doing here? Students are introduced to the wonders of nature. We will use our senses to explore the forest and the plants and animals that call Muskoka their home? How are things alike? How are they different? Are there patterns that we can identify? The forest of Muskoka provide opportunity to interact with the bio diverse ecosystem that is often unseen.


Group are you READY!! On the “P” of pull, pull and hold! The Inuit Blanket is a traditional celebration used in Inuit culture to create trust and celebrate the spirit of community. As students surround the re-creation of the traditional animal hide blanket, each student will be given the opportunity to be lifted into the air by the group, supported by the group while learning to trust and communicate with their community.


Challenge your ability to Communicate, Problem-Solve, and overcome barriers associated with both individual and group-oriented tasks.  Each of our low ropes elements are designed to inspire creativity and involvement with achieving a common group goal.  Balance and determination may also come into play as you experience the power of group involvement and success.


Do you want a direction in life? Students work together with a compass to navigate through each point in our forest orienteering course, collecting information and solving a puzzle. Students will learn how to use a compass, terminology, land marking, while using bearings and mappings.


Come explore predator-prey relationships in the forest and investigate the importance of this balance in a community. Discover how animals catch their meals and how they keep from becoming a meal for something else, by taking on animal roles and playing out a life cycle in an ecosystem! Students will gain a new appreciation for animals, habitats, the environment and factors that affect our ecosystem during a fast pace game that promotes positive interactions and physical activity.


Birch bark, tinder, kindling, and fuel wood, do you have enough resource to ignite your passion for fire building? Students will have an opportunity to create their own survival fires, using resources they can find in the forest. Rain, snow or shine, your student sense of pride and self-esteem will grow with their fire. Student will also learn how fire can aid in their long term survival and their chances of rescue in an emergency.


Have you ever wondered how to keep warm, dry, and safe when outdoors? Students will learn how to survive on their own and will gain knowledge to increase their chances of rescue if they become lost. They will be given the opportunity to create their own survival habitat and test its ability to protect them in the elements in any season.


This is your chance to show your new survivor skills and your ability to work towards common goals with your tribe. Forging food, water, and survival resources creating a tribal and team identity and competing while cooperating to win this final challenge. Students compete against other tribes to build a fires and shelters while receiving points.