Our Staff

Great Leadership!

At Camp Muskoka, the hiring, training, and maintaining of a caring and nurturing staff is an integral part of our  foundation. We seek out individuals who lead by example and  who treat people and the environment around them with respect. Our certified teachers and outdoor education instructors come from various backgrounds, offering our guests a mosaic of skills and expertise.

All staff continually upgrade their skills and certifications to offer our guests the highest level of safety and service. All Camp Muskoka staff possess current First Aid and C.P.R. qualifications in addition to providing us with a vulnerable sector police record check and several commendable references.

Our prime location offers the best of both worlds; all the amenities of town including a full service hospital just minutes away. 

Bed Bug Policy:

With increasing popularity in global travel and new governmental/environmental restrictions on pesticides, the fact is bed bugs have spread to virtually every city in the world.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small, oval shaped bugs that are primarily active at night.  Although bed bugs are a nuisance and can cause discomfort, their bites are not known to spread disease. Bites may not hurt at first, but may become swollen and itch with time.  As the actual irritant is classed as an allergic reaction, some people react worse than others. Watch for clusters of bites, usually in a line, on exposed areas of the body.

Despite the attempts of parents to eliminate this issue, beg bugs has occasionally been an issue at Camp, and therefore we have established the following bed bug policy.

  1. Parents are not permitted to send a child to camper if they are aware of a bed bug issue at the child’s home.
  2. If the existence of bed bugs is confirmed, Camp staff will utilize a proven extermination protocol to eliminate the bugs. This process includes relocating the affected camper, heat treating the campers bedding and clothes to destroy existing bugs, larva, and eggs. We do not use harsh or restricted chemicals as a treatment method; our heat assault system is environmentally friendly.

Exceeding Best Practices

We are proactive in treating accommodations, every four weeks, whether bugs are present or not to ensure the highest level of cleanliness. Part of our preventative action plan is to inspect our accommodations daily, and if there are any signs of bed bugs, the treatment of that building is prioritized immediately, using a Heat Assault system - an environmentally friendly, pesticide free, treatment designed to eradicate bed bugs, mold, and other microscopic household threats. If you want more information regarding Camp Muskoka’s treatment, please visit this website.

We also want to inform you of good practices to prevent taking bed bugs home. When returning home from Camp (or a hotel, boarding school, university residence, etc.) it is advisable to take precautions with bedding and clothing.

We suggest you do the following when returning from Camp:

  • Do not leave clothes, bedding, or bags where bugs could crawl out and escape before treating.
  • Wash clothes and bedding in warm or hot water immediately and then place them in a hot dryer for at least 30 minutes.