The Camp Muskoka Experience

Let Us Do It For You!

Throughout your entire stay, the certified teachers and outdoor education instructors of Camp Muskoka will lead all programs both day and evening. Your staff’s primary role is to serve as chaperones, offering them an opportunity to learn new skills while getting to know their students’ on a different level outside of the classroom.

While most schools plan an excursion such as this once a year, at Camp Muskoka, we do this everyday. We strive to make the entire Camp Muskoka experience, from planning and organizing to follow-up, enjoyable for everyone.

Camp Muskoka is pleased to assist in all aspects of the excursion process. Whether it be a “Parent Interest Letter” to determine the level of interest in your community, having a Camp Muskoka representative host an “Information Night” at your school, organizing the bus transportation, and even assisting your school in obtaining a grant to help subsidize your trip, we have many resources available. We are more than happy to help meet your school’s needs.

If you have any questions or to make a reservation, please contact us toll free at 1-888-734-2267 or email us at