Extra Leadership Activities

Some extra fun at Leadership Camp!

Our Leadership Campers will get to participate in a few extra fun activities during their stay at Camp Muskoka. These experiences create bonds, help campers embrace challenges and learn the value of teamwork and group dynamics while giving them a first-hand opportunity to exercise their new leadership skills!

Counsellor Shadowing:

Included in our leadership camps, campers will experience the life of a Counsellor. This challenge-by-choice activity is a great way to better understand how to care for campers, the daily planning and supervision of how camp works.  L.I.T. campers assist on camper arrival days, shadow the camper incoming process, shadow Program Heads and Camper Coordinators - all to inspire leadship and potential opportunities to work at Camp Muskoka as a Counsellor, Program Head, or other positions available.

Camp Wide Activity Planning:

Our L.I.T. program also offers these campers an opportunity to create, plan, and run a camp wide activity for all campers!  What a great way to work as a cohesive team, use communication, brain storming, planning, and putting thoughts into action!