A Day At A Glance

What A Typical Day Looks Like at Camp Muskoka

7:00 am

An optional morning activity such as a swim, field game, morning run, yoga or extra time for personal hygiene
7:30 am ~ 8:30 am Breakfast
8:30 am ~ 9:00 am Cabin Clean-Up and Prepare for more FUN!
9:00 am ~ 10:15 am 1st Program Period
10:15 am ~ 10:30 am Fresh Fruit & Water Break
10:45 am ~ 12:00 pm 2nd Program Period
12:10 pm ~ 2:00 pm Lunch
1:15 pm ~ 2:15 pm Tuck Time & Free Time with cabin group
2:20 pm ~ 3:35 pm 3rd Program Period
3:35 pm ~ 3:50 pm Fresh Fruit & Water Break
4:05 pm ~ 5:20 pm 4th Program Period
5:25 pm ~ 7:15 pm Dinner Free & Time with cabin group
7:30 pm ~ 8:25 pm Camp-Wide Activity
8:30 pm Evening Snack

Following evening snack, junior campers will share some quiet time ­together while getting­ ready for bed. Snack and bed times may vary depending on the age group and evening programs. Older campers will have the opportunity to enjoy one more evening program with their cabin groups before they start to wind down for the night. Note: Timetable is estimated and may change to enhance camper enjoyment.