Meet Our Team

"Zee" Camp Director

Meet Zee, Camp Director extraordinaire!  Since 2009, he's been weaving his magic at Camp Muskoka, transforming the wilderness into a playground of learning and laughter. With his Ontario teaching certification in one hand and a fishing rod in the other, Zee dove headfirst into the world of outdoor education. He quickly realized that nature wasn't just a classroom—it was a catalyst for confidence, camaraderie, and fun!

Zee found himself leading the charge as program director, and now stepping into the director's chair. He has a heart as warm as a campfire, humor as infectious as camp songs, and a belief in people's potential that could move mountains. As he gears up for his 15th year at Camp Muskoka, Zee's not just proud of what he's achieved—he's positively pumped for the adventures still to come! So grab your backpacks and your banjos, because with Zee at the helm, every day is a new opportunity for awesomeness!

"Flint" Program Director 

Introducing Flint, the Camp Muskoka's Program Director. From his debut as Lead Teacher in 2004 to his current role, Flint has been a valued memeber of the camp team for several years!

From guiding students through the great outdoors to managing the Canopy Aerial Park, Flint's passion for low ropes, archery, canoeing, rock climbing, and all things adventurous is matched only by his love for chicken burgers, fries, and that magical elixir known as coffee.

Flint's enthusiasm for outdoor education knows no bounds! With a team of outdoor enthusiasts by his side, he's ready to tackle every challenge, scale every peak, and brew every pot of campfire coffee with enthusiasm. So raise your paddles, because with Flint at the helm, every day is an adventure.

"Flash" Challenge Course Manager

Meet the Camp Muskoka daredevil – our Challenge Course Manager! Flash has been been wowing campers for over a decade with his high-flying antics. With a resume as colorful as a climbing wall, he's held more roles at camp than there are carabiners in his collection. But it's his aerial park and zip line skills that truly sets him apart – he's like the Spider-Man of Camp Muskoka, swinging through the treetops.

When he's not busy defying gravity, you'll find him scaling indoor and outdoor walls! He's been part of the camp family for over 10 years, spreading joy and laughter wherever he goes. Whether he's helping campers conquer their fear of heights or just cracking jokes around the campfire, he's the ultimate camp companion.

"CHEF" Executive Chef

Graduating the adventure of a two-year Culinary Management program at George Brown College back in '96 was just the appetizer for Chef's  culinary escapades. A year later, he earned his Red Seal Certification, officially becoming a culinary wizard.

For 35 years, he's  been stirring up magic in kitchens everywhere as a professional chef. But the real claim to fame came in 2015 when he and his wife  decided to open their  own restaurant: "CHEFIES eatery." They  served up mouthwatering dishes until they  decided to close up shop in 2020.

Chef  has also played the role of Executive Chef at various camps for over two decades, turning campfire meals into gourmet adventures.

"BUGZ" Sous Chef

Bugz, one of the culinary experts of Camp Muskoka, has been stirring up deliciousness in the kitchen for years and has a ton of sous chef experience under her belt.  Bugz is a nature enthusiast through and through. When she's not creating  culinary dishes, you can find her soaking up the Muskoka magic on the docks, nose buried in a book.

And let's talk about her camp loyalty, 11 years and counting! No wonder her favorite meal is roast chicken dinner; she knows how to turn campfire classics into mouthwatering feasts!
When she's not busy cooking, Bugz spends her free time with her husband Chef (talk about a match made in foodie heaven!) and their feline sidekick, Link.
With her culinary skills  and love for the great outdoors, she's the secret ingredient that makes every camp meal an unforgettable adventure!

"Sparkle" Summer Camp Guest Experience 

Sparkle isn't just your ordinary registration expert; she creates magic behind the scenes, weaving through the complexities of the application process. Need to secure a cabin for you and your friends? Sparkle's got you covered. Want to sign up for specialized programs without an issue? She'll navigate the options like a pro leaving you free to enjoy every moment worry-free.

Sparkle is your go-to person to make sure your Camp Muskoka application process is incredbile so that your Summer experience is unforgettable.



"Lolly" Marketing Manager

Meet Lolly, the spirited cheerleader and marketing mind behind the scenes at Camp Muskoka! With pom-poms in one hand and a smartphone in the other, she's  spreading the word about Camp Muskoka!

But Lolly's not just here to cheer from the sidelines. She's diving headfirst into the action, armed with two decades of marketing magic! Whether it's crafting the perfect brand message, conquering the digital landscape, or keeping the Camp Muskoka community buzzing with excitement, Lolly's got it all under control!

Adventure awaits, and Lolly's got the megaphone to make sure you don't miss a beat!

"Lem" Facilities Manager

Meet Lem, the tree-taming, snow-clearning, ninja of Camp Muskoka! Lem is more versatile than a Swiss Army knife and handier than duct tape at a summer camp talent show.

Starting his camp journey as a Outdoor Adventure Naturalist, Lem moved through the camp ranks quickly. From leading summer camp shenanigans to guiding aerial park adventures, he's done it all. And now, he's the Facilities Manager. But Lem's talents don't stop there. He's the master of the outdoors, crafting docks and conducting water tests like he's on a mission,

If you ever spot Lem around camp, don't forget to give him a high five. After all, he's the arboreal ace and he's ready to tackle any challenge with a smile and a roll of duct tape!


"Pike" Outdoor Education Leadership Sales Manager

Meet Pike, the seasoned Sales Manager at Camp Muskoka, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise accumulated over 16 incredible years with the camp. From facilitating Outdoor Education Leadership Centre School Trip bookings to orchestrating unforgettable Wedding & Retreat Events, Pike is the go-to person for all things event planning and sales-related at Camp Muskoka.

With a keen eye for detail and a knack for understanding clients' needs, Pike ensures that every event, big or small, is meticulously tailored to exceed expectations. His dedication to delivering exceptional service and creating memorable experiences has earned him the trust and admiration of clients and colleagues.


"Tine" Outdoor Education Leadership Centre Coordinator & Administrator

Meet Tine, the welcoming smile and guiding force behind the scenes at Camp Muskoka. As the Outdoor Education Coordinator and Administrator, Tine is the first face you see when coming into the office, setting the tone for the adventure that awaits. Since joining the Camp Muskoka family in the summer of 2022, Tine has been instrumental in shaping unforgettable experiences for campers and staff alike.

With a blend of professionalism, warmth, and a deep love for nature, Tine embodies the spirit of Camp Muskoka, enriching lives and fostering a lifelong connection to the wilderness.