“Thank you for sending me to camp. This was first time going to camp. It was really fun we went swimming, canoeing and so much more! It was great! But my favorite thing was making friends!”
James, Camper, Age 10

“Thank you for giving my daughter such a wonderful time with you! She is very enthusiastic and sincerely hopes she may come back for two weeks next year, one week was not enough!”
Susan, Parent

“Hi! My name is Luc. I am 8. Camp Muskoka is so great because the food is amazing and your get to choose what you eat I can’t wait to come back this summer because I had so much FUN. Last year was my first time away from home and I didn’t even miss my family at all! I made two new friends and I really want them to be there this year again.”
Luc, Camper, Age 8

“My two girls LOVE Camp Muskoka! When they come back home, they talk about what happens every time anyone says the word “FUN”" and how “AWESOME” it was and how they want to stay for longer next year. Kudos to the whole camp staff, the kids love it there, even when it rains!
Kevin, Parent

“My favorite times at camp include being a pirate, circus day, the iceberg and my incredible counselors.”
Sean, Camper, Age 12

“I just wanted to thank you so much for everything again, he came home so happy and with so much confidence, he said he has never had so many friends. He has not stopped smiling.”
Celyne, Staff Parent

“I wanted to send you a message to thank you for taking such good care of my son during his stay at camp. He told us the food was great and that he really enjoyed the bread you gave him. I seem to recall the camp director, mentioning that his mother bakes all of the bread for the camp. Does she, by any chance sell her gluten free bread?  Please let me know. Thanks again for going way beyond the call of duty to look after my son.”
Larkin, Parent

“After 2 years as a camper, this year I decided to enroll into Camp Muskoka’s Leader In Training program. I already knew how the camp worked and I didn’t think that being in LIT would be that different. By the end of 2 weeks, I learned so much about what it means to be a leader. I developed skills and made bonds with people in such a great and positive environment. I can honestly say that the LIT program made me a better person, and a better leader. The counselors are great and they make the time we spend at camp unforgettable. By the end of my 2 week session, I had become so close with 30 other individuals. I have never felt so welcome and comfortable around a group of people. LIT helped me gain self confidence, respect, understanding, and leadership skills that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Thank you Camp Muskoka for changing my life”.
Rachel, LIT Camper

“It goes without saying the son we picked up was not the one we left behind. He was full of confidence and somewhat changed. Over the coming months, we noticed more and more little, positive changes. We attribute these, 100% to his experience at Camp Muskoka. Without a doubt, the experience at Camp Muskoka changed our son. I cannot emphasize this enough to you. He is more open to new experiences and has confidence that wasn’t present 2 years ago. Once he found camp, he found himself and we found the boy we always thought was inside. We look forward to camp because we know that each year is a stepping stone in his development and we can’t imagine a summer without Camp Muskoka. Thank you Camp Muskoka from the bottom of my heart.”
Lisa, Parent

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